Towards ecological prosperity

Short-sighted and one-sided aims, ignorance and greed are creating havoc with the global biosphere and are threatening mankind‘s survival in health and peace. Yet we believe that living sustainably is possible without any sense of opportunity loss, without the loss of progress, creativity, or freedom. We believe that human society will have a future of happiness and beauty if it can overcome egoistic behavior, appreciates simplicity in prosperous societies, and learns to regard global humanity as a family. Auroville is the base and background for EcoPro‘s existence. The Charter of Auroville drives and supports our work. This Charter stresses the obligation to focus on one‘s highest ideals, the need for unending learning and education, the combined efforts and research towards inner and outer perfection, and the absolute necessity of human unity. In practice, we offer goods and services aiming at environmental health and public hygiene, focusing mainly on soil and water resources. We promote organic farming, the use of probiotics, ecological sanitation and hygiene, and decentralized wastewater treatment and biowaste management; we run programs in child nutrition, women empowerment, and education.


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